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MT Summit XVIII 2021 | Proceedings for the Summit, Keynotes and Workshops

by | October 1, 2021

MT Summit 2021 YouTube Recordings (Members Only)

Main Conference
Research Track
Download (10.8 MB)

Users and Providers Track
Download (76.2 MB)

Jane Nemcova – AI & ML Executive
Natural Language – The Road to infinity
Download (0.2 MB)

Graham Neubig – Carnegie Mellon University
Understanding and Improving Context Usage in Context-aware Translation
Download (3.7 MB)

Lucie Séguin – Translation Bureau of Canada
Machine Translation at the Government of Canada: Reaching for the Future
Download (1.5 MB)

Lucia Specia – Imperial College London
Multimodal Simultaneous Machine Translation
Download (3.2 MB)

1st Workshop on Automatic Spoken Language Translation in Real-World Settings (ASLTRW)
Download (2.6 MB)

1st International Workshop on Automatic Translation for Signed and Spoken Languages (AT4SSL)
Download (10.3 MB)

4th Workshop on Technologies for MT of Low Resource Languages (LoResMT)
Download (9.2 MB)