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MT Summit XV | Call for Exhibitors in the Technology Showcase

by | May 18, 2015

Contact: Jen DeCamp (techshowcase@amtaweb.org)

If you are interested in exhibiting/demonstrating your commercial, academic, or government software at the MT Summit Technology Showcase, please send the following information to Jen DeCamp. We are particularly interested in software that is discussed in presentations at the conference.
The Technology Showcase is held one afternoon during the conference. There is no fee for exhibiting. Exhibiters are welcome to invite outside guests to see the demonstrations. Information on exhibits is included on the conference CD.

Call for Proposals:

The Technology Showcase will be on Sunday, November 1. Final “camera-ready” versions of exhibit information will be due Monday September 7.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • Use of MT as a translator tool
  • Use of MT as an analyst tool
  • Use of MT in chats, blogs and social networks
  • Non-traditional uses of MT
  • MT post-editing
  • MT evaluation
  • MT research and development
  • MT case studies
  • Linguistic resources for MT
  • MT tool integration
  • Terminology management and other tools for assisting human translation.

What to Submit:

Submissions should include:

  • Name of company
  • Name of products being demoed
  • Description of products being demoed (maximum 50-200 words)
  • Name of customer contact
  • Email of customer contact
  • Special requests (if any) to AMTA for support


Exhibiters will be provided with a table, draping, chairs, a sign, electrical outlets, and wifi. Exhibitors are welcome to bring posters and signs. However, signs may not be attached to the hotel walls. Please note special requests on the submission form or contact Jen DeCamp (techshowcase@amtaweb.org) or Priscilla Rasmussen (business@amtaweb.org).

Exhibitors can choose to rent large-screen monitors from the MT Summit registration page for $200. The monitors will be delivered to and picked up from the exhibit table.

Exhibitors can mail signs and brochures to the hotel in advance of the conference in care of Priscilla Rasmussen.

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