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MT Researchers and Developers

Machine Translation is one of the most active research areas in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) field. MT research is being conducted at both industrial research labs as well as Academia. Here is a list of some of the research groups in North America that are currently active researching MT (the list is not meant to be comprehensive; please feel free to send us a link if we missed you.)

MT Research in Academia

MT Research at Industrial Research Labs

Where to publish machine translation related research?

Here is some of most prestigious international conferences and scientific journals that publish research papers related to machine translation. AMTA and MT Summit  are focused on machine translation, computer-aided human translation, and tools for human translators. They are both affiliated with our association and we very much encourage you submit your original research work their. However, there are other venues for publishing MT research.
The list below provides you with some of those venues:

International Conferences and Workshops:

  • MT Summit
  • AMTA
  • ACL
  • ASRU ?

Scientific Journals:

Professional Organizations and Societies

MT-related Research Evaluations and Competitions

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