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DoMT and DoMY Moses packages

by | April 4, 2014

DoMT (Do Machine Translation) products are robust commercial applications for business SMT production environments that add functions and features missing from Moses and other academic projects without sacrificing the capabilities of the original components. http://www.precisiontranslationtools.com/

DoMY (Do Moses Yourself) is an open source distribution of six academic research projects with best-of-breed open source SMT technologies. The projects include: Moses Decoder RELEASE 1.0, MGIZA++ 0.7.3, BerkeleyAligner 2.1 (unsupervised), GIZA++ 1.0.7, IRSTLM 5.80.01, RandLM 0.2.5.http://www.precisiontranslationtools.com/solutions/domt-tools/domy-open-source-kernel/

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