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About AMTA


AMTA members receive discounts at conferences sponsored by AMTA and by sister organizations within the IAMT (see below). The usual way to join AMTA is to attend an AMTA conference, since registration includes a membership fee. However, it is also possible to join directly. Two-year membership rates for this are:

  • individual member: US$130
  • student member: US$50

To join AMTA outside of the conference dates, send an email to:

Priscilla Rasmussen
AMTA Business Manager
209 N. Eighth Street
East Stroudsburg, PA  18360
phone: +1-570-476-8006
fax: +1-570-476-0860
email: business@amtaweb.org


AMTA is the North American component of the International Association for Machine Translation (IAMT), which also includes the Asian-Pacific Association for Machine Translation (AAMT) and the European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT). The IAMT Council comprises a balanced representation of all  regions. Members of any of the three regional associations automatically become part of the IAMT network. AMTA is governed by the by-laws codified in the documents here pdf.

The AMTA Archives are accessible to Board Members by password here.

The current AMTA Board (2016-2018) consists of:

 President  Olga Beregovaya  Welocalize  president@amtaweb.org
 Vice-President  Steve Richardson  LDS Church  vicepresident@amtaweb.org
 Counselor  George Foster  NRC Canada  counselor@amtaweb.org
 Secretary  Elaine O’Curran  Welocalize  secretary@amtaweb.org
 Treasurer Raymond Flournoy  etsy  treasurer@amtaweb.org
 Director (researchers)  Spence Green  lilt.com  mtresearchers@amtaweb.org
 Director (researchers)  Lane Schwartz  UI Urbana-Champaign  mtresearchers@amtaweb.org
 Director (developers)  Jay Marciano
 Lionbridge  mtdevelopers@amtaweb.org
 Director (developers)  Will Lewis  Microsoft  mtdevelopers@amtaweb.org
 Director (users)  Jen Doyon  Mitre  mtusers@amtaweb.org
 Director (users)  Doug Jones  Lincoln Labs MIT  mtusers@amtaweb.org
Web Master webmaster@amtaweb.org
 Business Manager  Priscilla Rasmussen  ARCS  business@amtaweb.org


AMTA organizes a series of biennial conferences held in North America on even-numbered years. These typically feature separate tracks for MT research and for commercial and government users of MT, as well as workshops and tutorials on special themes, and a technology showcase where companies and research labs give demonstrations of new software products and prototypes. The AMTA conferences are a unique opportunity for people involved in different aspects of MT to interact, and they typically attract a broad cross-section of AMTA’s constituency: researchers, developers, vendors, and users.

AMTA conferences are interleaved, on odd-numbered years, with the MT Summit series. MT Summit conferences are organized by each of the IAMT regional associations in turn, and rotate between North America, Europe, and Asia. They are similar to AMTA in nature, with both research and user tracks, and demonstration sessions.

History of AMTA

AMTA was founded in 1991 as a part of the International Association for Machine Translation, along with the AAMT and the EAMT (see more on the history of AMTA)
AMTA Presidents:1991 – 1996:  Muriel Vasconcellos1996 – 2000:  Eduard Hovy2000 – 2004:  Elliott Macklovich2004 – 2006:  Laurie Gerber2006 – 2008:  Mike Dillinger

2008 – 2012:  Alon Lavie

2012 – 2014:  Mike Dillinger

2014 – 2016:  George Foster

2016 – 2018:  Olga Beregovaya