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*Deadline Extended* Final Call for AMTA Best Thesis Award Submissions

by | June 5, 2024

Final Call for AMTA Best Thesis Award Submissions

To be presented at AMTA 2024, a three-day event under the auspices of
the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas

Monday, 30 Sept 2024 through Wednesday, 2 Oct 2024

Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center 

Chicago, Illinois, USA 

The submission deadline has been extended to Friday, June 14 at 23:59 Anywhere on Earth (UTC-12)

The Board of Directors of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas is pleased to announce the final call submissions for the first edition of the AMTA Best Thesis Award, which will be presented at AMTA 2024, the 16th biennial AMTA conference, a three-day hybrid event to be held from Monday, 30 September 2024 through Wednesday, 2 October 2024 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The AMTA Best Thesis Award aims to highlight the achievements of a recent PhD graduate whose thesis has focused on a topic or topics related to machine translation. Submissions will be evaluated on three primary dimensions: relevance (to the area of machine translation), impact (of the thesis and student’s related published works in the field), and difficulty of the challenge addressed in the thesis. The submissions will be reviewed by a committee of experts and the winner confirmed by the AMTA Board. We invite students to nominate themselves for consideration and encourage faculty to share this call with eligible and interested students.


Eligibility and Requirements

  • Completed a PhD dissertation/thesis on or after June 1st, 2023 and before June 1st, 2024 on a relevant topic (see below) at an institution in the Americas
  • Have not previously won an international award for the thesis
  • If the winning student goes on to publish their thesis, the published version must carry the note that it received this award from AMTA. The submitter also gives AMTA the right to publicize the granting of the award.


Scope and Topics

The topic of the thesis should be related to machine translation, but this can take many forms, including but not limited to: technical advancements in machine translation, research into the use of machine translation, and commercial or other aspects of machine translation.

Possible areas include:

  • Machine translation or computer-aided translation technologies, methods, software, or resources
  • Work on less-resourced languages, including topics related to corpora or less compute-intensive approaches
  • Use of machine translation in professional environments, such as by translators, translation agencies, localisation, etc.
  • Use and impact of machine translation more broadly, e.g., by non-professionals
  • Speech translation, sign language translation, or other multimodal or non-text translation
  • Evaluation of machine translation
  • The incorporation of machine translation into other technologies, or interactions between machine translation and other language technologies
  • … and more!



  • $1000 USD prize
  • Invitation to present dissertation work at the 2024 AMTA Conference as an invited talk
  • Summary of the dissertation included in the 2024 AMTA proceedings
  • Free 2024 AMTA Conference registration
  • Free AMTA membership for the upcoming membership period


Important dates  

Note: all deadlines are 23:59 Anywhere on Earth (UTC-12)

  • Submission deadline: 14 June 2024
  • Notification of award: 31 July 2024
  • Final “camera-ready” short description for winning submission: 16 August 2024


Submission Instructions

Research papers submitted for peer review must be submitted via the “Main Conference – Best Thesis Award” track on the SUBMISSION WEBSITE. This site requires an easy-to-perform registration as an author.

You will need to answer some questions to confirm your eligibility in the submission form, including:

  • Confirming that you meet the eligibility criteria and agreeing to AMTA publicizing the thesis prize
  • Supervisor name and contact information (e-mail)
  • Institution that awarded the PhD
  • Date of thesis completion

You will need to submit the following three PDF files in the section “Drop files here / Upload from Computer”:

  • A 2-page summary of the thesis (summary written in English) formatted using the AMTA 2024 style guides (PDF version, LaTeX version, Word version). Please name the file “NAME_Summary.pdf” where NAME is your name.
  • A copy of the student’s CV (two pages maximum, in English). Please name the file “NAME_CV.pdf”
  • A complete list of publications directly related to the thesis (preferably with links). Please name the file “NAME_Publications.pdf”
  • An electronic copy of the thesis. Please name the file “NAME_Thesis.pdf. ” The thesis is NOT required to be in English. (Note: if your thesis is too large to upload, you may upload a file with a link to an online static version of the thesis.)

Optionally, in the supplementary material section, if you wish, you may upload: an appendix with any other relevant information on the thesis


Publication and recording

The proceedings, which will include all papers and presentations given at the conference, will be published on the ACL Anthology website. A brief summary of the winning thesis will be included in the proceedings.

Submission of a proposal will be understood by the Organizing Committee as the author’s tacit permission for AMTA to create an audio and video recording of the presentation and make it available to conference attendees and, through archiving on the association’s website, to members of AMTA.

Please direct any questions you may have to mtresearchers@amtaweb.org (Rebecca Knowles and Akiko Eriguchi).


We look forward to receiving your submission!


AMTA Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

Jay Marciano, President

Alex Yanishevsky, Vice President

David Bishop, Treasurer

Janice Campbell, Secretary

Steve Richardson, Counselor

Board of Directors:

Akiko Eriguchi, Director

Cecilia Yalangozian, Director

Konstantin Savenkov, Director

Marianna Martindale, Director

Rebecca Knowles, Director


Steve LaRocca, Director

Alon Lavie, Consultant