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AMTA 2023 Conference Session Recordings

by | March 18, 2024

Welcome to AMTA 2023

Keynote – Hype cycle, promising potential and everything in between MT in the age of LLMs

Talk 1 – The Limits of Language AI

Talk 2 – Evaluation of a Large Language Model for Speech to Text and Speech Translation

Talk 3 – Lost in GenAI, Found in MT 

Talk 4 – On the Fly Adaptation for Machine Translation using Large Language Models

Talk 5 – “Self driving” generative AI How can we take our hands off the wheel

Talk 6 – Domain and terminology adaptation with large language models A comparative user study

Talk 7 – Assessing the Accuracy and Uses of a Fine Tuned LLM’s Prediction of the Need for Humans

Talk 8 – Anti LM Decoding for Zero shot In Context Machine Translation

Panel Discussion Automation and or Augmentation

Talk 9 – The Promise of a Brand, New Day Time to Switch to LLMs

Talk 10 – The Future of MT from Sequence Transduction to Machine In The Loop Communication

Talk 11 – More Responsive Translation with Finetuned LLMs A Case Study by Welocalize and Google

Talk 12 – Performance Evaluation on Human Machine Teaming Augmented MT Enabled by GPT 4

Talk 13 – Leveraging ChatGPT machine translation capabilities for UGC

Talk 14 – Human Centered Augmented Translation

Talk 15 – Mindful AI Establishing an effective AI Ethics Board

Talk 16 – Improving Machine Translation Quality with Contextual Prompts in Large Language Models

Tutorial 1 – Prompt Engineering 101

Tutorial 2 – Five daily linguistic tasks enhanced by generative AI + MT solutions

Talk 17 – Learnings from a Year of Generative AI What Customers Need

Talk 18 – Cultural Transcreation for East Asian Languages with LLMs

Talk 19 – From research to production, releasing AI tools and products at scale

Talk 20 – Freely Available LLMs and Poetry Translation A Game Changer

Talk 21 – Embrace LLM Opportunities and Challenges

Talk 22 – Using LLMs to Automate Multilingual QAs