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AMTA 2020 | Proceedings for the Conference, Keynotes, Workshops and Tutorials

by | November 21, 2020

AMTA 2020 YouTube Recordings (Members Only)

Main Conference
Research Track
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NOTE: The paper entitled “New Approach to Parameter Sharing in Multilingual Neural Machine Translation” has been removed from the Research Track proceedings due to duplication of previous scholarly work, known to the first author, without attribution.

Commercial and Government Tracks
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Colin Cherry – Google Research
Research Keynote | Research stories from Google Translate’s Transcribe Mode
Download (1.1 MB)

Mona Diab – George Washington University
Research Keynote | Faithful NLG in an era of Ethical Awareness:
Opportunities for MT
Download (1.6 MB)

Eric Paquin – Translators Without Borders
Commercial Keynote | Using language technology to enable two-way communication in humanitarian assistance
Download (2.3 MB)

Danielle Silverman – U.S. Department of Defense
Government Keynote | Navigating Change: Keys to implementing language technology in government
Download (0.5 MB)

Andy Way – ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University
Government Keynote | MT Developments in the European Union
Download (3.4 MB)

Chris Wendt – Microsoft Research
Commercial Keynote | Factor 1000: Better MT, more content, and what we can do with it
Download (1.4 MB)

The Impact of Machine Translation (iMpacT 2020)
Download (10.4 MB)

Post-Editing in Modern-Day Translation (PEMDT1)
Download (4.6 MB)

NMT Domain Adaptation Techniques
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