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AMTA 2020 | Proceedings for the Conference, Keynotes, Workshops and Tutorials

by | November 21, 2020

Main Conference
Research Track
Download (3.8 MB)

Commercial and Government Tracks
Download (23.3 MB)

Colin Cherry – Google Research
Research Keynote | Research stories from Google Translate’s Transcribe Mode
Download (1.1 MB)

Mona Diab – George Washington University
Research Keynote | Faithful NLG in an era of Ethical Awareness:
Opportunities for MT
Download (1.6 MB)

Eric Paquin – Translators Without Borders
Commercial Keynote | Using language technology to enable two-way communication in humanitarian assistance
Download (2.3 MB)

Danielle Silverman – U.S. Department of Defense
Government Keynote | Navigating Change: Keys to implementing language technology in government
Download (0.5 MB)

Andy Way – ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University
Government Keynote | MT Developments in the European Union
Download (3.4 MB)

Chris Wendt – Microsoft Research
Commercial Keynote | Factor 1000: Better MT, more content, and what we can do with it
Download (1.4 MB)

The Impact of Machine Translation (iMpacT 2020)
Download (10.4 MB)

Post-Editing in Modern-Day Translation (PEMDT1)
Download (4.6 MB)

NMT Domain Adaptation Techniques
Download (0.3 MB)

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