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AMTA 2020 | Government and Military MT Stakeholders

by | January 14, 2020

Contact: Ben Huyck (governmentmtusers@amtaweb.org)

Government and Military MT Stakeholders:

We encourage you to submit a proposal to speak at AMTA 2020 about your insights on research, development and operational use of MT and MT-related technologies in government and military settings. We especially encourage perspectives that challenge the broader MT community, including issues with implementing and utilizing MT, whether on the technical side, the human side or both.

Important dates:
• Submission deadline: Monday, April 27, 2020
• Notifications of acceptance: Monday, June 8, 2020
• Final “camera-ready” versions: Monday, July 27, 2020

Topics of interest:
1. MT as an operational tool for translation, analysis, information discovery.
2. MT for “non-standard” language in chats, blogs and social networks.
3. Evaluation of MT including estimation of ROI and human factors.
4. MT research and development in government and military settings.
5. Integration of MT into broader workflow, including case studies.
6. Linguistic resources for MT, especially those hard to find or create.
7. Neural MT opportunities and challenges.
8. MT in Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief contexts.
9. Challenges, opportunities and insights into MT needs for the government and military.

Submit your abstract:
Initial submissions should be abstracts 250-500 words in length. The following should accompany each abstract submission:
1. Presentation Title
2. Presenter Name
3. Representing Organization
4. Email Address
5. Phone Number

All accepted submissions will be allotted 30-minute time slots. 

If you have original software that you would like to show, you may also consider submitting a proposal for the exhibition segment.

While not mandatory, presenters wishing to have their submissions published in the AMTA 2020 Proceedings are required to produce papers in accordance with the MT Research Track (https://amtaweb.org/amta-2020-call-mt-researchers-papers/) submission guidelines. Slide decks may also be accepted. While only abstracts are required to be submitted by the initial submission date, only papers or slide decks will be accepted by the final camera-ready date for publication in the Proceedings.How to submit:
Please email your abstract to the Government/Military MT Stakeholders Chair (governmentmtusers@amtaweb.org) by Monday, April 27, 2020.