Demo – Systran
Demo – CustomMT
Demo – Facebook
Demo – Intento
C3 – A Survey of Qualitative Error Analysis for Neural Machine Translation Systems
C10 – Flexible Customization of a Single Neural MT System with Multi dimensional Metadata Inputs
C10 – Flexible Customization of a Single Neural MT System with Multi dimensional Metadata Inputs
Welcome and Keynote – MT Developments in the European Union
K2 – Faithfulness in natural language generation in an era of heightened ethical AI awareness
K3 – Welcome and Keynote – Factor 1000 Better MT, more content, and what we can do with it
K4 – Keynote – Navigating Change Keys to implementing language technology in government
K5 – Using language technology to enable two way communication in humanitarian assistance
K6 – Keynote – Research stories from Google Translate’s Transcribe Mode
G1 – Successful Tech Transfer of MT Research in Government
G2 – Plugging into Trados Augmenting Translation in the Enclave

G3 – PEMT for the Public Sector Discovery, Scoping, and Delivery
G4 – Shareable TTS Components
G5 – A Tale of Eight Countries or the EU Council Presidency Translator in Retrospect
G6 – American Sign Language ASL to English Machine Translation
G7 – Why is it so Hard to Develop Comparable Translation Evaluations and How Can Standards Help
G8 – Using Contemporary US Government Data to Train Custom MT for COVID 19
R3 – Machine Translation with Unsupervised Length Constraints
R4 – Constraining the Transformer NMT Model with Heuristic Grid Beam Search
R6 – Generative latent neural models for automatic word alignment
R7 – The Impact of Indirect Machine Translation on Sentiment Classification
R8 – Towards Handling Compositionality in Low Resource Bilingual Word Induction
R9 – The OpenNMT Neural Machine Translation Toolkit 2020 Edition
R10 – The Sockeye 2 Neural Machine Translation Toolkit at AMTA 2020
R11 – THUMT An Open Source Toolkit for Neural Machine Translation
R12 – Panel on Open Source NMT Toolkit Development
R13 – Dynamic Masking for Improved Stability in Online Spoken Language Translation
R14 – On Target Segmentation for Direct Speech Translation
R15 – Domain Robustness in Neural Machine Translation
R16 – Low Resource NMT: A Study on the Effect of Rich Morphological Word Segmentation on Inuktitut
C1 – Operationalizing MT quality estimation
R2 – Investigation of Transformer based Latent Attention Models for Neural Machine Translation
C4 – COMET Deploying a New State of the art MT Evaluation Metric in Production
C5 – Scaling up automatic translation for software: reduction of PEMT volume with customer impact
C6 – Auto MT Quality Prediction Solution and Best Practice
A language comparison of human evaluation & quality estimation
C8 – Machine translation quality across demographic dialectal variation in Social Media
C9 – Making the business case for adopting MT
C11 – Enhance CX with Neural Machine Translation Technolog
C13 – Use MT to Simplify and Speed Up Your Alignment for TM Creation
C14 – Selection of MT Systems in Translation Workflows
C15 – Beyond MT Opening Doors for an NLP Pipeline
C16 – Building Multi Purpose MT Portfolio
C17 – Simultaneous Speech Translation in Google Translate
C18 – Understanding Challenges to Enterprise Machine Translation Adoption
C19 – Lexically Constrained Decoding for Sequence Generation
C20 – Building Salesforce Neural Machine Translation System
C21 – Interactive Adaptation of Neural MT on Commercial Datasets
C22 – Enabling New MT Post Editing Scenarios with Continuous Localization
AMTA Business Meeting
NMT Domain Adaptation Techniques
W2 – iMpacT 2020 (Part 2)
W2 – Virtual Workshop on the Impact of Machine Translation iMpacT 2020
Demo – Amazon
Demo – XTM
R5 – Machine Translation System Selection from Bandit Feedback
W1 – 1st Workshop on Post Editing in Modern Day Translation PEMDT1
T1 – Quick Start Guide to Understanding & Working with Machine Translation

MT Summit XV | MT Research papers accepted

August 16th, 2015 / Darius Hughes / 0 comments

These papers were accepted for presentation: Jinhua Du, Ankit Srivastava, Andy Way, Alfredo Maldonado-Guerra and David Lewis An Empirical Study on Segment Prioritization for Incrementally Retrained Post-Editing SMT Nadir Durrani, Hassan Sajjad, Shafiq Joty, Ahmed Abdelali and Stephan Vogel Using Joint Models for Domain Adaptation in Statistical Machine Translation Ahmed El Kholy and Nizar Habash […]

MT Summit XV | Workshops

August 16th, 2015 / Darius Hughes / 0 comments

MT Summit XV will host these workshops: Friday, 30 October All-day Workshop (9:00 – 5:00) PSLT 2015 The 6th Workshop on Patent and Scientific Literature Translation Tuesday, 3 November Half-day Workshop (9:00 – 12:00) WPTP 2015 Post-editing Technology and Practice

MT Summit XV | Technology Showcase

August 16th, 2015 / Darius Hughes / 0 comments

The following projects / products / organizations will participate in this year’s Technology Showcase. If your organization would also like to participate, please see the information here. Adapt Centre, Dublin City University Autodesk, Inc. eBay Electronics and Telecommunications Institute (ETRI) IBM Watson Iconic Translation Machines, Ltd. Lilt Microsoft Ntrepid Microsoft Sakhr SDL Translate Spoken Translation […]

MT Summit XV | Sponsorships

July 20th, 2015 / Darius Hughes / 0 comments

Sponsorship Prospectus for MT Summit XV – 2015 Sponsorship of AMTA 2012 is a tax-deductible donation. AMTA is a 501-(c)-3 non-profit educational association. All sponsorship levels receive: – Logo with hyperlink on website: – Logo and name in conference program – Acknowledgement at Conference Opening – One piece of collateral included in Conference Bag […]

MT Summit XV | Venue and Accomodations

May 24th, 2015 / Darius Hughes / 0 comments

Accommodations & Venue The conference will be held at the Hotel Regency Miami. See it on Google Maps here. Make your RESERVATIONS HERE to get the special rate for MT Summit XV. About Miami Miami, Florida is home to so many fun attractions, activities and entertainment and Miami Hyatt Regency hotel is set in the center […]

Organizing Committee for MT Summit XV

May 18th, 2015 / Darius Hughes / 0 comments

General Chair: Alon Lavie (Safaba Translation Solutions and Carnegie Mellon University) Conference Steering Committee: Alon Lavie (Safaba & CMU), George Foster (Google), Hassan Sawaf (eBay), Mike Dillinger (LinkedIn) Research Track Co-Chairs: Yaser Al-Onaizan (IBM Research) and Will Lewis (Microsoft Research) Commercial Track Co-Chairs: Mike Dillinger (LinkedIn) and Steve Richardson (LDS Church) Government Track Chair: Jennifer […]