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AMTA 2020 | Call for Proposals for Workshops and Tutorials

by | January 14, 2020

Contact: Jay Marciano (tutorials@amtaweb.org or workshops@amtaweb.org)

AMTA 2020, the 18th biennial conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas will be held at the Sheraton Hotel Lake Buena Vista in Orlando, Florida, from September 8 through 12, 2020.

The organizing committee of AMTA 2020 is seeking proposals for workshops and tutorials on all topics related to MT research, development, application, and evaluation. Our goal is to have a program of workshops and tutorials that appeals to the various constituents of AMTA (researchers, developers, commercial users, and language professionals). Therefore we welcome not only proposals on technical research and development topics but also on, for instance, human/computer interaction among translators, interpreters, and other users of MT output, and the evolving role of translation automation in the commercial translation production pipeline. 

Tutorials and Workshops will be held on Tuesday, 8 September 2020, immediately preceding the main conference, and Saturday, 12 September 2020, immediately following the main conference.


Tutorials are a forum for experts in MT and MT-related areas to deliver concentrated training on a topic of interest in half-day teaching sessions. Tutorials help conference participants enrich their understanding of particular technical, applied, and business matters surrounding research, development and use of MT and associated technologies, or, in the case of tutorials designed for newcomers, provide background information that facilitates greater understanding of the overall conference program.

Proposals for tutorials should be submitted by 27 April 2020, to tutorials@amtaweb.org and include:


AMTA workshops are intended to provide the opportunity for MT-related communities of interest to spend focused time together advancing the state of thinking or the state of practice in their area of interest or endeavor. Workshops are generally scheduled as full-day event.

Workshop proposals should be submitted by April 27, 2020, to workshops@amtaweb.org and include:

  • title
  •  a 250-500 word description of the proposed content
  •  whether this is an ongoing or new workshop
  • the expected number of participants
  • dates for important milestones (call for papers, recruitment of speakers, etc.)
  •  any technical requirements you may have
  • and a scanned signed copy of the AMTA Workshop Policy and Leader Agreement Form.

We look forward to receiving your proposal!