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AMTA 2018 | Call for Participation Technology Showcase

by | October 30, 2017

AMTA will be hosting a one-day Technology Forum and is looking for demonstrations of

  • Commerical products
  • Government systems
  • Open source software
  • Research prototypes
  • Other cool new software

In the following areas:

  • Machine translation
  • Computer Assisted Translation, including hybrid CAT/MT systems
  • Any technology that supports translation (e.g., Language ID)

There is no exhibit fee. Exhibiters coming only for the Technology Forum will not need to pay registration fees.

AMTA will provide wifi, tables, chairs, draping, easels, and signs. You are also welcome to bring your own signage, although the hotel does not permit our taping or tacking materials to the walls. You will be responsible for bringing computers and monitors, as well as any brochures or papers you would like to distribute. AMTA will organize the rental of large monitors. If you would like a monitor, you can rent for one on the AMTA registration site for approximately $200. AMTA will arrange to have the monitor delivered to and picked up from your exhibit table. (The monitor rentals are on the same page as the banquet registration.)

This year, we are also going to provide opportunities for interested exhibiters to also provide more extensive demonstrations in a classroom setting. If you are interested in this option, please send us a short proposal to Jennifer DeCamp at jdecamp@mitre.org.

To apply for exhibiting in the Technology Forum, please send the attached form (AMTA_2018_Call_for_Participation_Technology_Showcase.docx) to Jennifer DeCamp at jdecamp@mitre.org. You are welcome to provide a logo and up to one additional page of information regarding the software.



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